structure-01With over 30 years in this industry; today’s infrastructure is under intense pressure to operate at the speed of business; that means being infused with the ability to adapt as quickly as customers and the market demand. We believe the infrastructure needs to be modeled so as to be robust to serve all conditions and be available at all times.

Some of the areas we specialize in are Data Center Management, End-User Computing, IT Service Desk, Managed Security, Application Management, Enterprise System Management and much more.

  • Datacenter Management Services: We support the design, transformation and operation of your datacenters and enterprise IT to improve agility, flexibility, reliability and reduce TCO.
  • End User Computing Services: CATS enables organizations to unbundle key workplace elements and tailor them to different user segments within the enterprise. This enables delivering personal centric applications, workspace collaboration and support services for increased user adoption in a seamless fashion. We facilitate migration to newer operating environments with minimal business disruption and drive transformative technology solutions.
  • IT Service Desk: We offer multilingual Service Desk Services across the complete spectrum – from basic IT helpdesk to enterprise service desk solutions. This includes complete ticket lifecycle management, proactive alerts monitoring, IT security and identity and access management.
  • Managed Security Services: We build, install and implement efficient and available round-the clock security infrastructure. Our Managed Security Services encompass security device management and monitoring, vulnerability management, security information and event management, and user provisioning and management to address the critical needs of security implementation and operations.
  • Application Management Services: Our offering services include Mainframe support, application operation, database management and middleware management.
  • Enterprise System Management: We provide professional and comprehensive solutions in line with industry standard frameworks, such as ITIL v3, to manage IT infrastructure. Our offerings include consulting, implementation, maintenance and support, and shared services.
  • IT Service Management: Our Service Management framework optimizes the delivery and management of IT Services to achieve a sustainable IT environment with a road map for improving maturity levels.
  • Infrastructure Management Solutions: We provide service involving networking of your large organizations, remote management of infrastructure, Data base and security services.